KFC and the secret that involves Scaffolding...

One of the things that I like to eat BUT shouldn't is KFC...


A while back I heard the amazing story of Colonel Sanders (mr KFC himself).

 The KFC secret is NOT what you might think…

During the great depression Colonel Sanders lost everything. 

He owned and ran a number of restaurants but they all failed.

He loved to cook his chicken for his friends and family and so at 
65 decided to NOT retire and instead take his recipe on the road to 
thousands of restaurants around the US.

It's told that he actually received 1009 NO’s before he got to one 
yes from a restaurant to license his recipe.

He would get a nickel for each piece of chicken and he would send 
the small bags of secret herbs and spices to the owners so they 
didn’t know what it is was made of.


The truth nowadays is that any half decent food scientist could 
distill the ingredients of the recipe in less than a day,

So why is it still so successful, is it the Chicken, well yes and no… 
you see KFC has another secret that makes it nearly as successful as McDonalds.

KFC’s second little secret is awesome systems. From marketing, 
to serving, to sourcing suppliers, to delivery, to cooking to quality 
checking, the list goes on… they have put technology and systems 
into every franchise that now sells the colonels recipe.

To win the lions share of the fast food market the product and the 
systems have to be great...

I love this story because it applies to the scaffolding industry as well...

HERE is a list of systems that you should have in your business and 
the ACTION point is to review and check this list and the more detailed 
list we have at our free blog.

Scaffold Checklist
SYSTEMS LIST (5 of approx 49) :
[  ] Answering EVERY phone call and email enquiry into the business (you have spent money and time making the phone ring so DON' T miss any business) PS. Click the BIG LIST link and to see more about this point

[  ] Record every QUOTE REQUEST you get and allow everyone to  get access to it so NOTHING is MISSED or doubled up

[  ] Provide a checklist to the people doing QUOTES and PROPOSALS so you provide a consistent service.

[  ] Capture the POINT of ACCEPTANCE from the client (either signing it or getting back to you with approval to go ahead)

NB. To get the FULL UPDATE in the Action section below...


1. Review the FULL UPDATE and maybe print it out. Spend 15 minutes working through your business and seeing HOW MANY different systems you have and how integrated they are and whether there is some duplication going on..

2. Click here for THE BIG LIST (Free PDF)

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