What We Do:


Niches & Commerce

Our core belief is to buy and/or build SaaS or eCommerce solutions for various markets. We utilise a talented team to uncover businesses that can be massively improved or develop solutions that have a validated market. 



Our solutions are ALWAYS cloud enabled and will run on any modern web browser. Giving you the most flexibility for running your team. We also provide our solutions in NATIVE mobile formats for users on the go.


Fast Changes

The platforms we utilise are fast and adaptable and provide us with huge advantages over slower moving companies.

Talk with Us

Email our team at manager@100rails.com

or you can call on +64 9 4701480 and ask for the Manager.

Our Team

100Rails have an International team spread across the globe from Ireland, to the US and New Zealand. Steve Shepherd is CEO of the company and founded the company in 2012...

Our Place

Development is carried out in New Zealand and Ireland with business development primarily in the US with global sales spread between all 3 countries.

Our focus is on delivering global businesses.



I believe that the world would be a better place if we

  • had more people who were automation thinkers. In other words, if more people were prepared to look at all the inefficient practices that are perpetuated, often for years in organisations that generate jobs for the world and then just fix them.
  • if we chose to take control of our experience on earth and contribute to the world around us in some way.
  • if more people opened up and shared what was working and what wasn't then we would all improve with fewer mistakes

My hope is to share the ideas, tools, and resources that you need to maximise your business, I am hoping to share tips and advice from companies I talk to around the world.


Some of the advice may work for you or it may not but at least you can try it if it rings a bell... because you should still go with your gut.


Let me know your thoughts and any advice that you think others would benefit from...



Here are some fun things that have happened to me in recent years (some not so recent ;) …

  • When I was 7, I spent my mornings (6am) helping my mum with feeding calves on our 150 acre dairy farm. Getting up early was a great lesson on the farm. (ps. I still get up at 6am but the problem I have is going to bed at 1am!!!)

  • I played field hockey for New Zealand from 18 to 21 yrs old and then started up again when I was 39 and have still not stopped representing my country.

  • I have been married to my wife Peggy since 1991 and we have 3 wonderful daughters who have now started High School & University. They are much brighter than me. Some film I recently watched had a great phrase that applies to me. You are a successful Dad when your Children surpass you in achievements.

  • I have worked in over 15 different industries mainly working in the IT sector and have developed solutions for companies that used to take days, weeks or months to do (sometimes they were never done).

  • At 44 I still have all my own hair and not much grey to speak of. I am not a shave your head kind of guy.

  • I rode the Japanese bullet train from Osaka to Shinjuku in Tokyo in 1999 where the train travelled at over 150 miles per hour and the train station had 9 million people passing through Everyday. (holy cow there were a lot of people)

  • I once drove from Toronto to New York city in one day and watched 8 Mile by Eminem at the movies (there were 4 theatres in the same complex running the film at the one time) big for a small town boy from New Zealand.


… and in between those fun little events, I made a lot of mistakes. 


Testimonials from People Like You


“I’d cover myself in snakes if it meant I got to read another post by Steve Shepherd.”
—Indiana Jones

Just kidding. Indiana Jones didn’t really say that. But he is my hero from Star Wars...


But the good news is that plenty of other people have nice things to say! I don’t ask for testimonials, so all of the quotes below came from emails that nice readers sent to me of their own accord. I hope you’ll find my writing and work as useful as they did.


I just discovered your blog and had to subscribe. It’s like the best advice of Paul Chek, Stephen Covey, and Seth Godin all in one place … plus amazing ideas for improving my business.
— Don Thomas. from New Zealand


The only reason I still have data on my phone is so I can access your updates as soon as they come.
—Ryan M. from Singapore


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PS. I thought I would also have give my middle daughter a plug with her new band Cavalcade ("Luke and Amberly").


Here is the latest of their videos..."Turn the lights down low..."